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APJ will not be hosting sessions for skiers of ages under 12

Hello All,

Due to the persistence of our current pandemic situation, I hate to announce that

  • APJ won’t be hosting sessions for skiers of ages under 12 and
  • all others must be fully vaccinated (proof of 2 vaccination treatments) against COVID 19. 

The request for vaccinations is concurrent with the Cross Country Ski Association of Manitoba (CCSAM) COVID-19 Vaccination Policy of November 10, 2021.  This Policy is intended to encourage, support and maximize Covid-19 vaccination rates and protect the health of all participants at CCSAM events this season. 

From <https://www.ccsam.ca/covid-19-vaccination-policy-event-attendance-participation/>

As such, APJ will be hosting Track Attack level ski training only and, sadly, has decided to not host Jackrabbit or Bunnyrabbit level sessions for the foreseeable future.  This decision was made to ensure that coaches and skiers remain healthy and do not pass on unwelcome illness to their own families and fellow students and coworkers. 

If the COVID-19 Situation improves in the new year, APJ will reassess and communicate out at that time,

Thank you for your understanding,

Ihor Barwinsky



Assiniboine Park Jackrabbits

Jackrabbits is a cross-country ski program centered around the teaching and enjoyment of skiing for kids.  The program and progressions originated in Winnipeg in the 1970s under the guidance of Gord Konantz.  The program got its name from the great Canadian ski pioneer Herman “Jackrabbit” Johannsen.  Cross Country Canada saw the potential of what was going on in Winnipeg and adopted it as their national youth development program with great results.  It works and it’s a lot of fun.  Assiniboine Park is actually the place where it all began!

WHO:   ages 5+

WHEN: Sundays 1:30–3:00 p.m.  (end of November to end of February)

WHERE: Assiniboine Park Duck Pond Shelter (see further info under “Where do we Ski?”)

COST:  $50 per Rabbit ($12/skier for 3rd + child)

WHAT:  Membership covers after-ski snacks, materials, and insurance.  You must supply your own ski equipment (and trail passes if and where required).

Bunnyrabbits, Jackrabbits, and Track Attack kids will learn to cross-country ski through fun exercises and games such as:

  • Downhill skills
  • Skiing in tracks and skate-skiing (free-style)
  • Races


Bunnyrabbits are new/beginner skiers and usually the youngest-aged ones in our group.  Bunnyrabbits are learning an enormous variety of skills simultaneously and need plenty of help being picked up from the snow!  It is highly advised that parents take an active role with their child in the Bunnyrabbit group.

Jackrabbits are those skiers who are more comfortable skiing on their own without aid.  They are still learning a variety of new skills but are able to go longer distances than the Bunnyrabbits, and may be more interested in trying some races at this stage. They may also begin to learn skate-skiing (freestyle).

Track Attack-ers are the kids in the group who are able to ski long distances, participate in races, and learn skate-skiing (freestyle).  This group is offered an extra practice time of Thursday evenings, in addition to Sunday afternoons.

Please visit the Registration link in the menu.


One response to “About our Club

  1. Hi, my name is Kristy and I enjoy cross country skiing and would like to introduce my 7 year old to the sport too. I was told about jackrabbits recently and am wondering if it’s possible to join the club late?

    Kristy Hebert

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