“Fast Rabbits Thursday 2″, 11 December 2014 [Cancelled!]

Tomorrow (Thursday, 11 December 2014) night’s scheduled session, known as “Fast Rabbits Thursday 2″, has now been cancelled due to a lack of snow.

Yep, the air temperature will be a delightful +1 degrees Celsius with a -5 windchill on Thursday night.  We sure like that.

Unfortunately, as of 20:00 tonight, Windsor Park Nordic Centre (WPNC) staff are reporting that “The Grid” is the only place that is suitable for skiing for people who have new skis and want to keep them from instantly becoming “rock skis”.  Furthermore, skiers would have to carry their skis from the clubhouse to The Grid to avoid the new gravel laid down on paths.

Even tonight’s race at WPNC had been cancelled due to lack of snow (http://windsorparknordic.ca/news/).

The Assiniboine Park Jackrabbits ski at WPNC on Fast Rabbit Thursdays so as to ski “far” and get more vertical relief (both relatively speaking).  Tomorrow’s session would not provide either.  The Grid will likely be congested with dozens of other skiers and there is little vertical on The Grid.

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