“Fast Rabbits Thursday 3″, 8 January 2015 [Change of Venue and Indoors!]

Hello Jackrabbit Managers,

Tomorrow’s (2015-01-08) scheduled session of “Fast Rabbits Thursday 3″ will indeed run:

  • Just not at Windsor Park Nordic Centre.
  • Nor will it be outdoors.

Latest weather forecast sees Mother Nature giving us a -21 degree Celsius air temperature with a -33 degree windchill at what would be skiing time (https://spotwx.com/products/grib_index.php?model=meteocode&zone=r1.15&tz=-6&title=FPWG11&lat=49.89975&lon=-97.13749).

So, the revised plan is that Coach Ihor’s older kids group and Coach Rob’s not quite as old kids group will meet at 18:30 inside (not outside!) the likely-to-be-deserted Assiniboine Park Duck Pond Shelter ready to:

  • Exercise indoors (need long pants and top that can be removed when kids get warm).
  • Stretch indoors (need to put long pants and top back on).
  • Ski wax each kid’s skis (Coach Ihor supplies everything except skis).

Besides leading the exercising and stretching session, Coach Ihor indicates:  “We are going to wax like crazy.  It will be the best waxing sticker that has ever been generated.   No fewer than 3 irons will be running, I hope we don’t pop a breaker! We will even do a klister ski!”.

Session to be finished about 19:45.

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