“Fast Rabbits Thursday 6″, Thursday 29 January 2015 [Likely Cancelled]

Hello Jackrabbit Managers,

Tomorrow’s “Fast Rabbits Thursday 6″, for Thursday 29 January 2015, is cancelled.  Likely.

Or it will be moved from the Windsor Park Nordic Centre to a safer venue.  Maybe.

Or just cancelled.  Probably.

Bottom line is that we don’t know at this time.

A definitive answer will be posted on Thursday around noon.

The reason for this whole-lotta-indecision is that tonight’s “Wednesday Night Race #7” was cancelled due to “…icing as a result of the rain and sleet…” and “…the rain is freezing on the snow [therefore] the conditions are getting treacherous…” on all of the ski trails at the Windsor Park Nordic Centre.

Given that reports from Windsor Park Nordic Centre on Sunday indicated that it was already icy, additional “icy-ness” on Wednesday would likely prove to be a safety hazard.

If, however, Coach Ihor is able to find a suitably safe place to ski somewhere in Winnipeg on Thursday evening, we will let you know the location at around noon.

Temperature is forecast to be -18 degrees Celsius with a -24 windchill at skiing time.  Skies to be clear.  Moon to be shining.

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