“Fast Rabbits Thursday 8″, Thursday 12 February 2015 [Final Decision at 16:30]

Sorry Jackrabbit Managers,


In my last post, I said that a “go” or “no go” message would be posted by 09:00 on Thursday morning.  Unfortunately, I am now going to have to delay that decision to 16:30 on Thursday afternoon.

Why?  You may ask?

The latest weather forecast indicates an air temperature of -17 degrees Celsius with a windchill of -29 at 19:00, rising to -16 with a -27 windchill by 20:00 (yes, getting warmer instead of colder).  And at 21:00 (bed time) the wind is supposed to drop from 30 kmh to 10 kmh for a windchill of a “nice” -22.

If I had to make the decision right now, it would be to cancel.  Which I don’t want to do, since the wind could turn off earlier and/or the air temperature might be a couple of degrees warmer (and the session could be run and be pleasant).

Therefore, if by 16:30 Thursday, the actual air temperatures and windchills are nicer than what the latest weather model (of 16:30) is predicting (or the predictions are warm-enough), then we would be a “go”.

Stay tuned.

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