“Fast Rabbits Thursday 10″, Thursday 26 February 2015 Is On!

Wow!  Two-for-one-night for you!

Yep.  We get to ski tomorrow night (because it will be warm enough, uh, mostly).  That’s one.

And, by popular demand, the session will start at 19:00 (not 18:30).  That’s two.

Thanks Mother Nature and Coach Ihor, respectively!

So, Coach Ihor’s group and Coach Rob’s group are all invited to come to “Fast Rabbits Thursday 10”, on Thursday, 26 February 2015, from 19:00 to 20:15, at the Windsor Park Nordic Centre.

Come prepared to work on classic technique (not skate technique).  Focus will be on improving everyone’s classic technique and readying those who are interested in participating in the (here it comes again, that intimidating name) “Provincial Sprint Championships / MB Cup #1″, happening this Saturday, also at Windsor Park Nordic Centre.

Just a reminder that if you or your skier would like to participate in the (insert intimidating name here), you must register no later that 18:00 on Thursday night.

Temperature at ski time on Thursday night forecast to be -19 degrees Celsius with a -26 windchill.  If the temperature becomes slightly colder we will still run the session, outside at the start, but we retain the option to shorten the session at the end, and move indoors to finish the session.

I will be bringing tow ropes.

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