“Jackrabbit Expedition 2015″: Another Four Details

Sorry, Jackrabbit Managers, if I had remembered everything last night, last night’s post would have been titled, ““Jackrabbit Expedition 2015″: Seven More Details”.  Here are the missing four details:

  1. The weather forecast for Falcon Lake for Sunday, 8 March 2015, says it will be beautiful!  A delightful -3 degrees at 11:00 rising to 0 degrees  at 15:00.  All with next to no windchill.  A great time to be outside!  Don’t miss “Jackrabbit Expedition 2015”!
  2. If you have skate skis, bring them.  If you have waxless classic skis, bring them.  If you have waxable classic skis, bring them, and we will supply the wax to get you some grip (if you want to classic ski) or keep the grip wax off if you want to skate ski.  Anything and everything goes!  We will divide into appropriate groups once we see who shows up and what they have.
  3. I will be bringing five tow ropes to share with the group to pull newer skiers (or to slow them down going down big hills) if needed.
  4. Print out a couple of maps for your family.  This map shows all of the trails in black and white (http://www.falconridgeski.com/images/falcon_ridge_ski_trails.jpg).  While this map shows many of the trails and is in colour (http://biathlonmanitoba.ca/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/BAM-trails-all-colours1.gif).

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