APJ Active: Training

This Summer:  stay fit and active & and always do something!

Jackrabbits: ride, run, paddle

Track Attackers: ride, run, paddle, AND start to do exercises that will make you a stronger skier.  This means practicing skiing without the snow.  Some of you have gone hill running with ski poles and this is excellent. If you’re going for a hike at the lake take your ski poles along with you and Ski Walk!  If you can do 3 -4 hours of exercise per week until August that’s a solid start.  14-15 year olds may be looking at 7-8 hours.

Strength exercises:

Try these: APJ strength 8 exercises pdf , you can print the sheet.

Manitoba Games is coming in 2022! APJ had a lot of skiers participating and we can do this again.  As some of the older APJ skiers and they will tell you that it was a great time.  But we need to start training for it soon.