APJ’s Buy & Sell

This page is for APJ club families to post cross country skiing items that they want to buy or sell.   (You may also want to trade or give away some items.)  In order to get your ad posted here, please contact us.  Your “For Sale” or “Wanted” ad will be posted here on APJ’s Buy & Sell page.

If you have no success buying, selling or trading through APJ, try using this link (CCSAM) as an alternative.

Follow these guidelines:

  1. Include as many details as necessary about the equipment.
  2. Include a price (if selling).
  3. Include photos (of items you want to sell, trade or give away).  It’s very helpful.
  4. Essential:  Your name and contact information!

Assiniboine Park Jackrabbits does not assume responsibility for any items bought, sold, or traded here.

See THIS LINK for details about sizes of skis/boots/poles.





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