Sunday November 1, 2015

Our season began with a large group of eager families all meeting at the Duck Pond on Sunday November 1st.  After an explanation on ski equipment, sizing, etc. by Coach Ihor – especially informative for the newcomers of the group – we headed out for a hike along the riverbank.   Our goal:  to get to a section of Assiniboine Park that has absolutely no goose poop!  Yes, it does exist.  The geese do not land in this one particular, grassy area, making it perfect for us to play games which train us for the upcoming ski season.

Here are some photos taken that day.  Feel free to send me any of your own photos during the season so I can add them here.  I am not always “on” with the camera!

(click any photo in the mosaic below to see it in a larger photo gallery)

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