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Skate Ski Wildewood 1:30 Sunday, Jan. 30

Hello APJ Track Attackers and Families,

First: session at Wildewood, Jan. 30, 1:30, skis put in at the community club, skate skiing for a change! Get ready and warmed up for some sprints and how to pass: very exciting.

Second ,some events:

Manitoba Championships are in Kenora Feb. 12 & 13, but it’s very COVID sketchy right now, may be a one day event on the Saturday.  It’s fantastic skiing (really really good trails, FIS quality), so you could go ski there anyway anytime and have a great ski.

For us: Feb. 19 & 20 weekend, virtual event challenge. 

            Canadian Ski Marathon (north of Montreal) &

Canadian Birkebeiner (Edmonton)

Let’s get some APJ skiers into this and the venue will be Wildewood (because we can’t be in Montreal and Edmonton at the same time.  The neat thing is you can ski both events on the same weekend:  how cool is that.  Coach Ihor is putting his reputation on the line and is going for the two day Courier des Bois. 

Parents can do this as well!

So pick a distance (2-55 km) and let me know so I can attempt to register skiers, and if you can’t ski it we will need skier support out there.  That means cookies and tea as race fuel.

See you at Wildewood Sunday Jan 30 1:30

Coach Ihor

Fast Rabbit Thursday

Hi APJ Track Attackers, it will be cold but we’ll give it a shot, classic skiing at Windsor Park 6:30 pm, mitts and thicker toques!

Omicron Overload Classic Ski

Hi All,

Coach Ihor will be at Beaudry to ski classic for 75 – 90 minutes! Start time 1:30 Sunday Jan. 9. No distance specified as the snow isn’t terribly fast. And why Beaudry park? Great shelter from the wind and the tracks are very good!

Bring some hot tea, Coach will have some as well but you’ll need a cup. This is your feed to keep you going. All are welcome!

Coach Ihor