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A Limited Future for Cancellations?

Hello Jackrabbit Managers,

For the 2014-2015 season the coaches hope to significantly reduce the number of cancellations due to weather.  While we can’t control Mother Nature, we can hide from her (sort of).  The coaches have been actively pursuing for the last few months these two potential just-say-no-to-cancellations improvements:

  • Attempting to gain access to wind-sheltered ski areas.  Most of our prior cancellations (including today’s) have not been due too-cold air temperatures but rather due to too-high wind speeds which cause high windchills.  We have been seeking authorisation to ski in areas sheltered from the wind (complete with mechanical grooming).  If we are successful in securing that authorisation, we would likely run outdoor sessions on days like today (super windy but not crazy cold).
  • Coach Jeff may be close to securing a fabulous indoor facility for those days when it really is too cold (wind or no wind) to be skiing outside.  We have been awaiting very-important-paperwork from our national ski association, Cross Country Canada (, so as to make this a possibility.

We will let you know if and when anything improves.

“Sunday Session (4)” Sunday, 30 November 2014 [Cancelled!]

Hello Jackrabbit Managers,

Today’s session, “Sunday Session (4)”, for Sunday, 30 November 2014, has now been cancelled.

Environment Canada’s latest forecast ( indicates for today: “Blowing snow with visibilities frequently less than 1 kilometre this afternoon. Wind west 30 km/h gusting to 50. High minus 20. Wind chill minus 36.”

At skiing time, the hour-by-hour forecast ( is for -21 degree Celsius air temperature with a -33 degree windchill.

This is colder than our published -27 degree windchill outdoor activity cutoff (

Photos from today…

It was our first official “on-skis” session with APJ today. Despite an icy rain misting down on us there was a spectacular turnout. (I mean, who wouldn’t want to miss a lesson if it means seeing Coach Katherine upside-down with her skis in the air?!)  Coach Ihor also gave us an excellent lesson about waxing skis. You can take a look at more photos posted of today’s session in the photo gallery… it’s just a bit of what I could capture before my camera got too wet and icy.


Great turnout today at APJ’s first official on-skis session at the park.

APJ skiing Nov.23

Hey everybody! We are going to go for it. Bring your ski gear plus running shoes for some snowy soccer afterwards. We will also be learning how to do some waxing. See you at the duck pond! Coach I

NEW! Training Blog

Please check the APJ website menu to view the new page:  Training Blog.  This new page will be used for posting workouts, as well as training and food & nutrition ideas.

Coach Ihor has taken time to design an excellent workout for the Track Attack skiers of the group .  Club members are encouraged to do this workout three-times-per-week during November and the beginning of December.  Parents are invited to participate, too.  Check it out… Workout #1 looks great!

Sunday’s session still TBA

There have been some phone calls and emails inquiring as to the status of this Sunday’s ski session… will it be happening?  It is still in the “TBA” realm due to the unpredictability of the weather and snow conditions at the Park.


  • Have all your ski gear ready to go.
  • Be prepared for the possibility of some type of APJ session at the Park this Sunday afternoon.
  • Check the website over the next few days for updates.

In the meantime, please note that there have been a few items posted on our Buy & Sell pages (under the “Marketplace” drop down menu).  One item was posted and consequently sold within a day.  However, there is still a really great deal listed:  $80 for a whole ski package!

Check out the Buy & Sell

Now that the snow has begun to fall we’re all getting a little more anxious to have our ski equipment ready to go for that exciting first session!  Please remember to check out the Buy & Sell ads posted right here on our website under the “Marketplace” drop-down menu.

Remember also that if you have an ad posted here and the items have either been sold, traded, given away, or you have found what you’re looking for, let me know so that I can remove your ad.

Thanks.  Gina

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“Sunday Session (2)” And Beyond Cancelled Until Further Notice

Until further notice, all scheduled Sunday sessions are hereby cancelled due to lack of snow.  Sunday sessions will resume once there is enough snow on the ground to (roughly) cover the top of the lawn in Assiniboine Park.  Yes, those sessions will be skis-on-snow skiing sessions, not running-shoes-on-grass dryland sessions.  When sessions resume with actual skiing, we will be sure to post on the Assiniboine Park Jackrabbits website to let you know.

“First Formal Session! (1)” Sunday, 9 November 2014 [Cancelled!]

Hello Jackrabbit Managers,

Today’s session (Sunday, 9 November 2014), known as “First Formal Session! (1)” on our schedule, has now been cancelled!

Sorry for the short notice.

It was the intent of the coaches to hold a session today if the weather conditions were similar to the previous three dryland conditions.

However, this will not be the  case today.  Air temperature is currently forecast to be -6 degrees Celsius with a -13 degree windchill with winds gusting up to 40 kmh from the northwest.  Plus snow.  See for details.

Oh, also frozen and wet goose poop.

We will try again next Sunday.