Ski Thursday evening Windsor and Sunday Falcon Lake!

Hello All!

Thursday evening at Windsor Park, skate skis and fast conditions, 6:30 pm.

And, how about a windup the season (?) ski on the hills at Falcon Lake this Sunday?

The day has come: a super day of skiing in the green fir trees of Falcon Lake.  The air will smell clean and wonderful!  If you get lost, call Ihor at (204)479-0825, and I will guide you in.  This is real skiing, for all levels of ability.

The plan:

Arrive for 10:30, so we can start to ski for 11:00.  From the far/west side of Winnipeg, plan on 1:45 driving time.  Skiing the high High Lake Trail, or for the little ones, an adventure tour and exploration of rocky and mountainous Picnic Island!

After all have returned and are accounted for, lunch at the chalet, then more skiing or TUBING! until we run out of gas.

The chalet has a full restaurant/kitchen if you choose not to pack a lunch, and there are washroom facilities as well. remember to bring a face covering if you are going inside.

Falcon’s website is :

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