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Sunday Jackrabbits

Hello!  Jackrabbits will be on this Sunday, Dec. 17, 1:30 pm at the usual spot across the sidewalk from the Duck Pond Shelter.  There is a bunch of new snow, so the ski pants won’t come home with grass stains this time.

Remember to bring the hot chocolate mug! as we are now out of disposable cups.

Good luck to Nastassja, James and Axelle racing in Kenora too!


Coach Ihor


Ski Racing and Jackrabbits for this weekend

There will be racing this weekend: I now that some of the Track Attackers are planning on it.  There will still be a regular Jack Rabbit session as scheduled.

Midget distances are to be in the 2.5-3 km range with juvenile and juniors skiing 7 km, free technique

• Scenario #1: if there is good snow then Windchill Ski Club will host at Windsor Park Nordic Centre as per the regular schedule.
• Scenario #2: NO snow at Windsor, the show moves to either Kenora (at Mt. Evergreen) or Falcon, more than likely it will be at Kenora as their volunteers are ready to go and, like Falcon, they have good snow and grooming.

  • If racing is in Winnipeg: easy travel
  • If racing is in Kenora: Race starts for noon or later, allowing out-of-towners to get there
  • We would need to be crossing the east Perimeter Hwy by 8:30 to be at the race site for 75 -90 minutes before a 12:00 start, need time to inspect the course, get equipment ready , warmup, etc.
    And home by dinnertime!

Getting there: Ihor’s vehicle can take four more skiers – big ski box will take all gear

  • Skiers to pack:
    • snacks and a race worthy lunch,
    • water bottle belt
    • warm jacket, and boots
    • APJ Race suit and jacket, adequate socks and gloves
    • Skate boots
    • Running shoes
    • Skate skis and poles
    • A change of clothing for the stinky sweaty ride home

    Let me know of your intentions for this weekend, it would be a great experience! I will need to know in order  to deal with the registration process, once that gets posted,


Coach Ihor

Hello Skiers: enough snow has fallen, and somehow stayed, to make skiing possible again. We are skiing Sunday Dec. 10(!) 1:30 at the little slope across the sidewalk from the Duck Pond (usual place).

Coach Ihor’s group come equipped for skate please.  If you are grip waxing for classic, go with the reliable Rode Super Blue/ Swix Blue Extra but load it up: for a shorter length jackrabbit ski , two boot lengths under the foot but 3 layers for sure.

Hot chocolate mugs too!

Coach Ihor

This Sunday, Dec. 3, cancelled

Sad news: the park is temporarily not skiable.  Not much snow anywhere around here.  As such we will not be holding a session Sunday Dec. 3.  With snow in this week’s forecast we hope that enough will fall to allow for next Sunday: cross your fingers!

Track Attack option:Coach Ihor is driving to Falcon Lake’s trails instead to train: any skiers looking for a solid training session on a bit of snow please get in touch with him either email or (204)479-0825.  Leave the city around 9:00 to begin skiing for  10:30-11:00…  bring a beater set of classic skis if you have and plan on classic as the base for skate isn’t there yet.  Also lunch and something to drink as the day lodge is not yet open for business. There are a couple of spots in the Ihor vehicle if that helps.


Coach Ihor