Monthly Archives: December 2019

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays! etc.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Reminder that we won’t have a session today as were are now in the holiday stress melt down!  On that note, be mindful of your and others mental states, get some air, even go skiing!

Track Attackers: get out as much as you can- the snow will be fast. It is thin in the city but if you go west into the forests there is more!

Have a great holiday break and we’ll see everyone again in the new year!

Coach Ihor

Skiing is on for Sunday!

Hi All!

Jackrabbits is on Sunday  the 15th as scheduled.  It will be a bit cooler so dress accordingly: think wind protection.  Track Attackers get ready for more skate ski training.

We’ll see you there!

Coach Ihor

Skiing this Sunday

Hi Everyone:  reminder that we will be on snow and on skis again tomorrow Sunday.

1:30 by the duck pond, remember to bring you hot chocolate mug!

Coach Ihor

We skied today! We pulled it off! Snow was better than expected

Out of control game of Shark Attack for our first real snow session!

Welcome all new skiers and Welcome back the families!

Great day, hot chocolate, everybody got bigger and NO ROCKS ON THE SKIS!!!