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Summer Biathlon, Sunday Aug. 26


Well, Super Mom, AKA Jane, has successfully returned James and Ihor from the glaciers and swiftly reminded them of the Biathlon Day at Falcon Trails this Sunday:  Ihor and James are now logged in to run and shoot.

Just a reminder of the APJ intro to summer biathlon.  Please refer to the last post for details.

Thanks, & looking forward to the Sunday!

Coach Ihor

APJ Summer Update & Biathlon

How is the summer so far???

Several exciting things have been put into place over the summer, especially with Biathlon Manitoba (also known as BAM).  Coach Katherine has burnt a lot of time and planning in putting this together so we should make sure that we all thank her for the vision.  And how about a team canoe trip down the Assiniboine River? Go to the bottom of this posting.


Many of the APJ skiers became consumed with the biathlon range during the Falcon Lake visits (did we have ulterior motives?) so here is what has been put together:

  1. APJ skiers can shoot at Gateway Gun Club on Friday nights through fall & winter.

    (Gateway is a 25 m long indoor shooting range at  871 Gateway Rd. in North East Kildonan.  BAM uses this for dry land training)

Minimum age is 11, $200 per person, coaching, rifles & ammo included.
Bam membership required – go to the link below for the membership and read further into point 2 for which membership one click.

Contact Brian at BAM for more info

2) BAM will put on a one-day run-shoot clinic for APJ skiers 11 years old and up (coach-sized ages included) on Sun Aug 26th at Falcon.  This is Huge!

  • Sunday Aug. 26
  • 10:30 – 3:30
  • Age range can be 11-80.
    • Morning will be shooting instruction/and shooting at the metal targets, 
    • Afternoon will be run and shoot training and short team relay race.

BAM will BBQ hot dogs of various varieties, drinks. APJ parents: can we potluck out some extras… look for a potluck website link!

How do you do this?

  • Register with Bam and Biathlon Canada as Recreational athletes and as supporters (about $20.) There is a link on the Bam website:  or just click: BAM Membership. This  will allow them to race in the winter if they want. 
  • Look around the site while you are there, lots of good stuff.

Oh Ya! BAM will provide rifles and ammo for the day.  And finally, they should send the BAM director an e-mail saying they are coming and have registered:

Then come to Falcon on August 26

3) APJ goes canoeing!

How about a team paddle down the Assiniboine?  We have several canoes in our bunch.  When was the last time you paddled the Assiniboine?  All are welcome, just need to put together the APJ Armada, and a date.

We’ll see you at Falcon!

Coach Ihor