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Ski opportunities outside city

Please note that there will be a regular session of APJ at the park tomorrow afternoon as usual.  However…

If you’re looking for EXTRA skiing fun this weekend… today AND tomorrow there are 2 places outside the city hosting awesome ski events!  Our family has participated in both in past years and highly recommend them.  (We’ll be heading out shortly to today’s event).

2016-btnc-distance-challenge-poster.jpg The event today at Burwalde Woods Trails entails:

  • a beautiful drive out to the country
  • spending a day skiing as much or as little as you want (the warm-up shelter is great)
  • meeting new friends who love skiing
  • eating TONS of SNACKS all day long and a PIZZA LUNCH (bring snacks to share)
  • FREE registration (but donations gladly accepted)
  •  (all details)
  • For even more information

    Phil & Vera Froese (204) 325-4591



Here’s what the day entails if you choose to participate in tomorrow’s event:

It’s shaping up to be a great day as Al Grey is cooking up a homemade storm here in the valley!   For $8, you can savour (or devour) bison stew or veggie ratatouille (both gluten free) with a slice of homemade bread & a piece of chocolate cake.
Registration starts at 11am to 2pm & is $10 per person. Free for kids 12 & under.

There will be free hot apple cider and Gorp bars for all!  Coffee, tea, muffins and cinnamon buns will also be available for sale as well as homemade “sucre à la crème”!   Silent Auction prizes – 10 tickets for $5 or 25 tickets for $10.

We have the club’s skis for rent as well as 20 additional pairs for $5 per pair. (First come first serve.)  Volunteers will be on hand to assist with the distribution of the equipment.

Pumpkin Creek Ski Club info:
check out: PCSC facebook page or CCSAM website
call: 204-828-3232

Headlamp Ski… a success!

15 of us took to the park tonight (Beaudry Provincial Park, that is) to put our skills to the test:  skiing by the light of the stars.  For those who remembered to replace batteries in headlamps prior to heading out there was some additional help navigating the trails.  What a beautiful night to ski in the woods!  Thanks, Coach Ihor, for your special Lemon Tea to wind down the evening.

ready to rock the trails at Beaudry Provincial Park - Thursday February 25, 2016

APJ ready to rock the trails at Beaudry Provincial Park – February 25, 2016


Thursday Night at Beaudry Park!


We are going to go for it: a night ski at Beaudry Park just west of Headingley on the south side of the Assiniboine River. Classic skis, as there is no skate track.  If you have a head lamp, bring it along, but the moon is pretty bright right now. Let’s shoot for 6:30 at the Beaudry parking lot, a brisk loop of the south side trails and hot chocolate.

Coach Ihor’s cell phone is 204-479-0825, but the cell service will fade out once we get into the woods.

on google map:,-97.4606694,13z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x52ea05e279f613bb:0x944d22bf2bae2b50?hl=en

or Ihor’s version of directions: about 25 minutes from Assiniboine Park

  • Drive WEST on Roblin and over the perimeter overpass as if you are going to Shelmerdine’s Garden Center,
  • Keep driving past Shelmerdine’s and into old Headingley staying on the south side of the river, wind your way within the speed limit through the village,
  • past the houses and some barns and then onto a gravel road
  • you will pass a Province of Manitoba works yard on your right  and you’re almost there,
  • Heads Up!, and turn right at the “really easy to drive past it in the dark” Beaudry Park sign, and in 200 m you are there.

and thank you all skiing parents and handlers AND COACHES for a wonderful Cookie event: it was beyond my wildest expectations – and Thank You Coach Rob  (what a guy) for the fantastic bibs and flags, shipped all the way from Switzerland!


Cookie Sprint Off movie & photos

Thank you to everyone who made Sunday such a success!  We had “The Great Cookie Sprint Off!” and a photo session with a record 40 Jackrabbits out for the fun of sprints and devouring cookies!  Thank you parents and coaches for:  baking cookies, planning the ski course/races, offering to help out, and for continually good-natured spirits!

A big thank you to Peter Sim who created a 2:30 minute movie about the event!   Here is the link: The Great Cookie Sprint Off!

For more photos from Sunday, check out the page created under Photos in our Gallery.

Stafford Studios took everyone’s individual photo on Sunday along with a group photo.  If you forgot money, forgot to fill out a form, or didn’t want to commit to buying a photo until you see it, note that they will keep all our photos on file for one year.  You haven’t lost your chance to order.  Please phone Jenn or visit them in person at:

Stafford Studios
Unit 1 – 161 Stafford St
Wpg, MB

PH: 204-452-TEAM
Stafford Studios Photo Order Form 2016


37 (of our 62) skiers in the APJ ski club     2015-2016

Sunday Jackrabbits meet at the Hirose Hills

Hi everyone! Today, Sunday 21st of Feb., we’re skiing the hills and some are going to race for cookies.

There will still be skiing even if your rabbits haven’t signed up for the sprints.

Parking: just before the duck pond parking on that big left hand curve, NOT the nature playground of the last few weeks…same start time of 1:30.

And it’s Picture Day, so let’s get everybody out for a record size photo!

See you there with your hot chocolate mugs!


Coach Ihor 


Thank you to all families who have already registered for tomorrow’s special Jackrabbit session.  (You must pre-register if you want to participate in “The Great Cookie Sprint Off”.)

The deadline for registration ends tonight (Feb. 20) at 9:00 p.m.

Please visit the website’s home page for ALL the details about tomorrow’s APJ session at Assiniboine Park (i.e. cookies and photos).


Please register for Sunday’s “The Great Cookie Sprint Off”

Please REGISTER for this Sunday’s “THE GREAT COOKIE SPRINT OFF”…our fun ski event at the park during our normal Jackrabbit session (1:30 – 3:00).

Pre-register if you want to participate!  (It’s FREE.) Registration closes at 9:00 p.m. Saturday Feb.20. 

Each family is requested to bring one dozen cookies (or more) for the cookie table.

The session will be held at Hirose Hills area, north east of the Pavilion (where Coach Jeff’s skiers usually go).

You MUST pre-register on this very simple website (NO COST) to help coaches organize this great event.  Please go to and register your skiers.  (Look for THE GREAT COOKIE SPRINT OFF.)

There are 3 categories:  100m short (Coach Katherine’s group); 300m medium (Coach Jeff’s group); 500m long (Coach Ihor’s group).  Everyone will get at least 3 races.

ALSO, Stafford Studios will be taking our photos on Sunday – in between sprinting and devouring cookies!  Individual photos and group/team photos.  You may choose to purchase or not.  No pressure whatsoever.


new photos

New photos have been added to the website… see these links:

January 31 – ski fun in the Hummocks and beyond

January 31 – APJ families

February 6 – Jackrabbit Jamboree

Don’t forget to wear your Valentine’s Day favourites tomorrow!  See you at the Hummocks (next to Assiniboine Park’s children’s garden) at 1:30 p.m.

Club Picture Day: Stafford Studios


Please click the link below to view photo package order forms.  You can purchase photos for as little as $10 via cash, cheque, or credit card.  Make a special effort to show up on Sunday, even if you are not ordering photos, so that you can be part of the team pictures.  Thank you!

Stafford Studios Photo Order Form 2016

FUN SPRINT RACES with APJ – Assiniboine Park, High-Rose Hills area

Please note that on Sunday, in addition to picture day, the coaches will be running a fun sprint races session.  You won’t want to miss out because it involves feasting on COOKIES from the COOKIE TABLE after each sprint race!

To make this a successful event, please bring 1 dozen cookies per skier for the cookie table.  Thank you!

Sunday February 14

A few more little changes were made to the Schedule/Calendar… please note those.

This coming Sunday happens to be February 14.  Please wear your most Valentine-y clothing possible.  Get creative and decorate your ski gear in celebration of this festive day!  Dressing in red, white and pink works.  As does pinning hearts or chocolates to your clothes.   Or perhaps you’d like to don a Cupid costume for a little extra attention.  It’s all good.  And you can look forward to indulging in some Valentine goodies at the end of the session.

Note #1:   Crazy Costume Day was originally planned for this coming Sunday but will now be postponed until further notice….possibly March 20?

Note #2:  February 21 is in need of your baking skills.  That afternoon will be a fun “sprint races” session.  It will include a huge cookie table; 1 dozen cookies provided by each skier.

Note #3:  February 21 will also be when Stafford Studios comes to take our photos.  They did a wonderful job in the past.  Please make a special effort to attend that session, whether or not you choose to order photos, so that all APJ members are present for the team pictures.  (Order forms will be available from Gina on February 14 & 21.)