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Skiing in the Park Sunday Nov. 26!

Yes, we will be skiing Sunday the 26th, usual time of 1:30 pm.

There is still snow, but a bit crusty (think spring time freeze thaw).  Air temp should be around -6, look at grip wax like last week,  Rode Super Blue or Swix Blue Extra.

Track Attackers should be thinking about ski skating on some very fast crust!  If you have a water bottle belt that would be a good idea, especially Coach Ihor’s group.  Last week a few could have used a drink of water! (The snow  is way too gross and dirty to eat right now.)

We’ll see everybody together at the duck pond hill for 1:30, and don’t forget your hot chocolate mug.

Coach Ihor

Session this Sunday, Nov. 19 1:30 pm!

Hello Skiers!

We are a GO for Skiing Sunday 1:30 pm in the park.  The ground is getting colder and the snow is drier so getting grip will not be an issue.
On that note Equipment Managers (parents!): if you could grip wax with 3- 4 layers of either

Rode Super Blue, or Swix Blue Extra 

that would save a lot of time and put more time into the skiing. If you have no wax grip skis, forget about it.  As per usual we will have some with us to touch up.

Track Attackers (Coach Ihor’s group) grip up for classic as well because we are so going to destroy this weight shift and extension thing that we have been working, on with video feedback.

Don’t forget the hot chocolate mug, because the disposable cups are running out!


Coach Ihor

Give your skis some love

Everyone needs some love.  Even your skis.  They especially enjoy a good wax now and then.

If you’re not really sure about waxing skis, or don’t have the time or interest, then here’s a solution for you:

  1. Hand them off (at the end of an APJ session) to Coach Jeff, “professional wax technician”.
  2. Using the latest technology (Italian YES Skiwax system), Coach Jeff will get your skis professionally groomed during the week.
  3. Your skis will be returned to you at the next APJ session… and will glide like they were meant to!

$10/pair/child skis.  $15/pair/adult skis.  (cash or cheque made out to Jeff McMillan)

APJ Gear Sale

Hi Jackrabbits Equipment Managers

As mentioned at last Sunday’s session, there will be a ski sale of  good used skate and classic equipment: skis and boots, some poles,

Saturday, Nov. 11,
1:00 – 3:00
630 Elm Street, in River Heights

The equipment is sized for skiers school grade 3-6, so that means mostly skis in the 140-170 range,  all on Salomon Profil System.  Skate sets (ski and boot) for $200, classic sets for $120.  Cash or check made payable to Cross Country Ski Association of Manitoba.

Any questions please send me an email:

We are skiing!

HI everybody!

I am super happy to announce that skiing is on (!) at Assiniboine Park this Sunday Nov. 5. Meet at the duck pond or the usual “ditch hill” at 1:30 pm.  Bring dry mitts to use after the session as I anticipate a few snow sculptures going up.  The driving will be exciting so use caution on the roads.  The Park Blvd. and Corydon gate is closed due to construction so the best entry is off Wellington Crescent.

See you Sunday, at  1:30,

Coach Ihor