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Sunday Skiing : Yes! and Jackrabbit Jamboree

Hey, it’s not cold!  Sunday Session will return to the Nature Playground, same routine as last week! 1:30 pm, Track attackers- classic technique skiing.

Jackrabbit Jamboree- highly recommended!

14 Annual Jackrabbit Jamboree Feb 6 2016 (Saturday) Windsor Park Nordic Center

The Jackrabbit Jamboree is a full day of FUN (9:45am-3pm). The day starts with a Big stretch out back of the clubhouse and participation in one of three ski orienteering courses! There are orienteering courses for Bunnies (kids new to their skis) medium distance and a long course. Everyone who participates in the orienteering gets to choose a small prize!

Following the orienteering we will have three game stations and will run three groups of skiers between each of the stations on a 20 minute rotation! The Bunny Rabbits will stay close to the club house and do a shortened Jackrabbit sessions with Biathlon Bear and Jackrabbit (Mascots).

Following the game stations we will break for lunch. Every participant receives a hotdog, chips and a drink (extra food is available during registration). During lunch there will be some draw prizes and face painting!

The races begin shortly after lunch. The younger kids will do a series of relays out on the grid. Lots of chocolate incentives fuel these “for fun” races! The older kids will be asked to cheer on the young ones!

Next up is the Mascot race where all the mascots vie for the coveted trophy! After the mascots show their stuff we will do a relay race with the older kids! The top three teams will receive medals afterwards during the afternoon snack held back in the clubhouse! There will also be some more draw prizes and the handing out of the Technique awards!

Festivities will come to a close at 3 pm. Cost is $10 and registration is available on Zone4:

Registration closes on Feb 3 and is restricted to a max of 100 kids so please register soon!

See you there!


Fast Rabbit Thursday is ON

Windsor Park Nordic Center is the place to be tonight, 6:30 pm, and yes I think there is enough snow!  Skate technique once again and it will be extra fast conditions.

Remember that the temperature will be dropping while we are out there, so dress accordingly (boy, do I remember last weeks cold fingers).

See you there!

Coach Ihor



strength work

Hi APJ Track Attackers, and any one else who wants to do this program.

Why more strength: strong arms will make for happier skiing! Here’s a bit of history: my old coach Jack Sasseville (the Olympic TV guy) used to hand out an award at the end of the season called the Chicken Wings Award, to the skier that double poled the least. It was a joke award but no one wanted to win it. Following these exercises will keep you from being a candidate for Chicken Wings 2015!

Here are 8 exercises to do 3 times a week if there is poor skiing and 2 times if there is skiing. You will need:

a wobble board (check a previous post)
a swiss ball (good for everyone at home)
and a figure 8 descender, inexpensive quick draw and 3 m of 1/4” rope (not yellow nylon but a woven rope).
figure 8 descender & quick drawIMGP2022

The arm pulley set up should cost about $30-35. This will be the arm exerciser as used in our dryland sessions from the tree. The figure 8 and quickdraw can be found at MEC or Wilderness Supply. Congratulations: you now have some climbing gear! you will need the quick draw because the “8” will twist & move as you pull and get very hot from the rope friction.

What to do with it:
Thread the rope through the 8 as in the photo and tie loops into the ends to mimic pole straps. Pull on it just as you would ski poles. Your triceps (back of the arms) should get tired. Added bonus points if you pull with your ab muscles on the down stroke.

Typically 45 seconds on 15 off per exercise, start at 2 times the circuit and you should be able to 3 x in 2 weeks. You will make the pushing and pulling as hard as you can for the 45 seconds.

You can print off the 2 pages APJ strength 8 exercises pdf pin it to the wall where you’re working out, or I can send you the powerpoint slide show to play on your computer or iPad, as it is set up to change slides very 45 seconds with 15 seconds in between to get to the next exercise (c’est trez cool, non?)

Sunday Skiing WILL BE FANTASTIC! Head for the Nature Playground!

Hi everyone!

Sunday will be ON! Finally! With warmer air blowing in we will have fantastic air temperatures to ski in.

Small change in starting point: Everyone to meet at the Nature Playground parking lot, 1:30, usual time, just west of the pavilion, and skiing will start in the “hummocks area” with lots of little ups and owns and a lot of wind shelter.  We will also do our hot chocolate there as well. (There are no washrooms at this side so please ensure that you have taken care of this before leaving home.)

Skate skiing for the bigger sized skiers!


Coach Ihor

Fast Rabbit Thursday is a go!

Hi and be grateful for warmer weather!

Skate technique at Windsor Park, Thursday the 21st, 6:30 pm.  Plan your household for a graceful exit (unlike mine last week-everything went wrong including no gloves where I swear they were a few days ago! And 3 of 4 poles.)

It looks like this weekend will be spectacular as well.

Coach Ihor

Another Cold One! Jan. 17th session suspended!

Hi All,

I hate to bare this news again, but with the really cold air blowing hard, there will be no rabbits this Sunday Jan. 17. An alternate activity to try with the family if you really want to get out would be Snow Trek at Fort Whyte Alive: starts at 11:00 and admission is free! Click on Snow Trek below to get you there.

Snow Trek 2016

Fast Rabbit Thursday was a big hit, with lots of laps and great glide.  Unless it’s colder than 251 Kelvin (figure that one out, scientists!), we should be doing that again next Thursday.

In the mean time, if you’re not Snow Trekking:  sit-ups, push-ups and dips!


Coach Ihor

Thursday Night Skiing at Windsor is a big GO!

Fast Rabbit Thursdays are back.

These are geared towards getting some kms in on great tracks with different terrain, so be prepared to go go go. A water bottle belt would be a good idea.

As the sprint races this weekend are classic technique, let’s set up for classic skiing- Coach Ihor will bring some grip wax.

Meet at Windsor Park Nordic Centre to be on snow for 6:30, Thursday Jan. 14, which means off snow by 8:00, so you can finish your homework, and skiers are responsible for their trail pass,

Coach Ihor


Sunday’s ski session canceled

Please be advised that due to the colder weather the coaches have had to cancel the afternoon ski session for Sunday January 10, 2016.

Please see the “Is it Too Cold?” link on the website.