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APJ Active! Training


Please say that we have been behaving and helping others!

Sunday May 17, if anyone is out and about and needs to see a familiar ski face, we can perhaps just get out and do the Wellington-Wolseley big loop, crossing the river at Maryland, and then at the train bridge at the west end of the loop. The loop itself is about 8 km. Track attackers should be able to run that in 55 – 60 min. Bicycles much faster. Enter the loop wherever you want, and wave and say Hi! when you see someone. Perhaps start looping at 11:00?

Has anyone paddled the rivers yet?

So that we don’t end up chasing our tails, we go in opposite directions: if you are starting on Wolseley, go east (towards downtown) and if you are starting on Wellington, also go east, so Wolseley starters turn right all the time and Wellington starters turn left all the time.

I must say that I have enjoyed seeing many APJ skiers and families out and about riding and running on Wellington Crescent and Wolseley Ave. Good job on getting out and saying active.

On that note, there is a new page at our website that is to be for fitness training programs and schedules.  Check the home page menu bar, at the top.  The master plan is to get as many APJ skiers as possible on the Winnipeg teams racing at the Manitoba Games two winters from now.  All of our Track Attackers are very viable candidates.  We were well represented at the Thompson Games a couple of years ago and that was a lot of fun.

Right now there is a link for general ski strength exercises that everyone can do 2-3 times per week. More training ideas will appear in the next two weeks.   Track attackers: get in touch with Coach Ihor for individual training programs.