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Thursday Fast Rabbits

Hi Skiers,

Tonight (Jan. 31) will be a ski prep and repair session INSIDE!!! at our Duck Pond shelter.  I will bring wax and tools if you bring your skis.  We can do some cleaning and glide waxing and learn about our skis and bases.

Same time of 7:00 pm, but at the Duck Pond shelter,


Coach Ihor

Sunday Regular Session cancelled

Sorry Skiers,

I skied the park, and the river this afternoon and it was WINDY windy windy.  Sunday wind will be bigger at between 20-35 kmh along the river so I making the call and cancelling Sunday‘s (Jan. 27) session in Assiniboine Park.

Track attackers, & others who are desparate! Beaudry Park west of Headingly was a success last week despite the big winds.  Coldest place was the parking lot.  Coach Ihor will be there at 1:30 for classic skiing.  Look at 60-90 minutes of skiing, and there is a hut with wood stove 20 minutes from the cars, and another one at the far end- very civilized.  A 4-5 km loop with a hut is good option for mobile families.

Wind proof clothing that can be unzipped a bit to vent, buff or similar to protect the face and lungs, and mitts: race suits not a good idea!  Last weeks classic tracks were excellent!  For a bit of safety we will be doing a head count to make sure no-one gets left behind on the trails.

Thanks and dress accordingly,

Coach Ihor


Canceling Fast Rabbit Thursday due to cold


Really really cold so we are canceling tonight’s session, do the Steinar Snaps strength session instead and burn out a treadmill   if you have one!

Coch Ihor


Wednesday Night Race at Windsor & more!


There is a break in the weather! This means that tomorrow, Wednesday will be a great night to get out do a short race before the weekend.  Wednesday Night Race registration closes at 9:00 tonight and they don’t do it on site, so go to the link below for more information, registration times and hit the zone4 button to sign up,

Wednesday Night Race or cut and paste

This would be a great event for any of the tracks attackers.

Also don’t forget about the Falcon Combined starting Saturday, and Fast Rabbit Thursdays, this week on skate skis!

Coach Ihor




Sunday session cancelled

Being realistic, we are cancelling this Sunday’s (Jan 20) session as there is little hope of it being a survivable temperature for ski lessons.

However, the older skiers who still have training to do are going to Beaudry Park for 1:30 for classic ski training in the trees (west of Headingly) if anyone else is interested!  It will be doable as it is in a lot of tree shelter: face protection, mitts, good socks, wind pants. Green grip wax instead of the blue Rode.

Good Luck!

Coach Ihor


Cancel Thursday Night!

Hi All,

As tomorrow night will be really cold before the windchill gets added to it, Fast Rabbit Thursday is off for Jan. 17.

We had a good thing going there for a while and now it’s payback!

Coach Ihor

Upcoming Ski Training leading to Manitoba Championships

Some of the bigger-lunged skiers have some big scheduled skiing going on for the next few weeks (7-8 hours +, per week): keep in mind that this is for larger skiers.  If you are in the 11-13 year biological clock (not chronological clock) then back off several % !!

If you have a question about biological clock vs. chronological clock with respect to your skier’s age, please ask!!! This  is how we keep skiers happy and uninjured and not deep-fried! This system really works.

Our little club has some extremely experienced athletes, ski parents (the most important) and health scientists, and now they are parents in our group (they are The Sleeper Cell and there are several and friendly!), and if you want to weigh in, please do, as the experiences are important to share. There are success stories, along with train wreck stories unfortunately, but these are lessons learned and I would hate to not have others learn from them.

Family health & fitness is what this is about: even parents & ski van drivers went skiing last Sunday, No?

Coach Ihor

Manitoba Championships

Hi APJ team managers,

I have spoken to several families about participating in the Manitoba Championships being held in Kenora, Feb 9-10. The Kenora people hold really well, and safely, organized events and the trails are spectacular! I have links to the “official”, or blocked off by the race committee, hotels and below are their links. This means , if you are booking the rooms, say that you are with the Cross Country Ski Championships. I am planning on showing up in Kenora on the Friday, just so that is done (recommended), but an early Saturday start may do it. I am recommending that we overwhelm the Brewers Inn, not because they make beer, but seriously, because it is close by an official wax room. The others are also first class options, have stayed in them, and it’s Kenora: how far away can it be??? The new beer inn has a good common area, though, for team meetings.

Really: ANY! of  these Inns will be great , close by, and accommodating.

If there are issues, let me know, and we will resolve.

This will be an EPIC weekend! (Worthy of a school assignment report). Enter an event, even if you’re not a racer & head to Kenora! Just to ski some really good trails (voting age persons included)!!!! And it’s good for team participation points.  Read below:

Coach Ihor

From: CCSAM office (Karin) <>
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2019 2:15 PM
Cc: Jackie Hummelbrunner <>
Subject: Accommodations for Provincials

FYI…message from Jackie Hummelbrunner:

We have blocked rooms at 3 hotels (1 in Kenora, 2 in Keewatin). All are very good options with great rates. When booking indicate you are with the Cross Country Manitoba Provincial Championships group. Here are additional details:
Brewers Inn:
805 St Clair Street, Keewatin, ON
1(807) 547-2739
Standard Room (2 Queens): $109.00
Suite with Spa Bath: $119.00
(Nordic Breakfast will be at this location).

Clarion Lakeside Inn:
470 First Avenue South, Kenora ON
1(807) 468-5521
1 King: $135.00
2 Queens: $135.00
Deadline to Reserve: January 8, 2019
Cots available upon request per availability.

Nature’s Inn:
1505 Erie Street, Keewatin, ON
Single Queen with mini fridge and microwave: $89 plus tax

Upon Request

Wax facilities to be offered in the very large garage of the Hummelbrunners who live in Keewatin, moment from Brewers Inn and Nature’s Inn for Friday and Saturday night. Waxing also available at Mt Evergreen both days.

KARIN: Can you please send this same info to the PDP group? The Event notice in almost done but I know people are wondering about accommodations.

Thank you!

Upcoming Events! and reminder NO Session this Sunday Jan. 6

Hi Everyone! I hope that the holidays were survivable, some are still completing theirs, I am sure.

Reminder that there is no session this Sunday Jan. 6 as most of the coaches and bigger skiers are at races in Thunder Bay.  Great stories when we get back!

Coming up: Fast Rabbit Thursday on for Jan. 10, skate technique, so if you want some tips on skating please come out, 7:00 at Windsor Park. you will need to buy an inexpensive trail pass, voting age members are welcome too.

I encourage all to get out and ski around as the weather will be awesome this Sunday, and you can even meet informally at the duck pond for 1:30 with skis and toboggan and skates, but ski first! Other good places are Larter’s Golf Course near St. Andrew’s, NA Falcon Lake Trans Canada Trail is as good as the Thunder Bay race trails: really really really good.  Beaudry has tracks too!

Coach Ihor, going to bed now so I can wax skis in the morning with the rest of the coaches!