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APJ ski at Windsor: 6:30 tonight

For those of us who are skiing with our kids at Windsor Park tonight (i.e. usually the Track Attackers)… bring your excess Christmas goodies along to share with the group after, if you’d like.  Maybe some hot chocolate, too?

See you at 6:30.

For those who are new to APJ… skiing usually goes until 8:00ish.

FREE 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass… order before Dec. 31!

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to order your FREE 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass.  This deal ends December 31, 2016.

Did I mention that it’s FREE?!

Click here to order….

For all of 2017 this pass gives you unlimited opportunities to enjoy National Parks, National Marine Conservation Areas and National Historic Sites across the country!

Please note:

  • You only need to order one pass for your group or family if you are all traveling together. A 2017 Discovery Pass is valid for everyone arriving in the same vehicle at a national park, or arriving together at a marine conservation area or historic site.
  • The Discovery Pass is only accepted at national historic sites which are operated by Parks Canada.
  • Activities such as tours or parking that normally carry a separate fee may not be covered by the Discovery Pass.
  • Camping fees are not included with the Discovery Pass
  • Validity Period: January 1st 2017 to December 31st 2017.
  • Display: The 2017 Discovery Pass must be hung from the rear view mirror of the vehicle facing forward or it can be placed on the front driver side dashboard facing up.

If you have questions regarding the above information, please contact our National Information Service at 1-888-773-8888 or .



Candy Cane Classic Registration closing soon!

Registration to the Candy Cane Classic Wednesday Nighter  closes at 9:00 pm.  Several APJ skiers are in! Punch those buttons for a good time tomorrow evening:

Coach Ihor will do the wax: just give me skis and a racer!

Sunday skiing frozen out! Christmas gift ideas too!

Of course Sunday would be the coldest day of this polar vortex blast. The coaches have discussed lesson plans and we all concurred that it would be a lot of dressing up for a 30 minute ski.  Big wind from the south creates a large wind hazard in the park’s teaching areas so we will cancel this Sunday`s  session.

Events coming up:

This Wednesday Candy Cane Classic race at Windsor Park: several APJ skiers have committed to going – lots of fun, lots of younger skiers and it will be significantly warmer! Go to

This Thursday:  TRACK ATTACK  SKIING at Windsor Park, 6:30 pm on the skis.  Parents are welcome too (you can pick up some technique tips)! Plan on skate skis for this one.  Let Coach Ihor know if you are coming so we don`t miss anyone on the trails.

Gift ideas:  

Checking out the local shops, and it seems that they have done a great job of stocking really good junior poles.  Look for a tapered shaft for $35-40 and at that length they weigh absolutely nothing. If you get them for skate length now you will have classic poles 1 or 2 seasons later.  If they don’t have the specific length, they can cut them down to size ( or Coach Ihor can help with this one).

Canadian Tire!: boot or anything wet dryer that you put over the floor vent thing.  A Nobel Prize worthy device $10.00-

See you skiing Wendesday!

Coach Ihor


No skiing tonight due to the cold!

Hi Track attackers, We will not have a session tonight due to the really big south wind and below -20 C air temp.  A good night for wobble board squats , ab crunches, pushups and hip stretches.  That, and the shopping traffic is adding 30 minutes to car travel in any direction!

Stand by for the weather report for this Sunday.

Next week Wednesday is the Candy Cane Classic race at Windsor Park :
You will need to pre register the day before with this link. Snow will be much warmer then!

Coach Ihor out!


Storefront Open until Midnight December 20

Coach Katherine has opened up the APJ storefront, Podiumwear.  If you are interested in purchasing any APJ clothing (i.e. those bright, orange-coloured jackets), visit this link and follow the prompts.

Please note the following:

  • cut-off date for purchasing APJ clothing is Tuesday December 20, 2016, midnight.
  • clothing ordered will be in your possession by end of January 2017 (due to orders going through the US, etc.)
  • child-size APJ hat fits very small… best to order adult-size hats
  • ask coaches if you need a fitting prior to ordering
  • the “Coaches Softshell Jacket” is strictly available only for coaches
  • all orders are in US dollars
  • password to log in to PodiumWear is Winter2016

For more details, visit “Marketplace” in website menu.  Additional questions?  Feel free to email any of the coaches.

Sunday Dec. 18 Deadlines: Registration & clothing orders

APJ registration will be closing this Sunday, December 18, 2016.  Please make sure you register by this date if you’d like to join our ski club.

ALSO, a reminder that some parents have forgotten to register themselves!  You did a great job registering your kids, but we also need your own name on the list for liability purposes.  Please complete that process prior to Sunday December 18, 2016.

RE: the potential purchase of APJ clothing… please email Gina if you are interested in ordering our APJ club clothing.  You can view the clothing orders under the “Marketplace” link on our website.  Coach Katherine will open the store for orders if there is enough interest.  Please let us know.

A number of members have purchased the APJ jackets and they are AWESOME in all respects!  They are well-made, practical, and, let’s face it – the colours are eye-catching and pretty cool, too!

If you have questions re: clothing orders, sizing, etc. please email any of the coaches and/or ask your questions at our Sunday session.

CCC TOQUES for all members:  once registration closes, we will know the total number of APJ registrants for 2016-17 and an order will be placed for Cross Country Canada toques and buffs.  These particular toques/buffs are part of your club registration fees… you do not need to order them.  They are totally different each year (designed by kids across Canada) and are not to be confused with the orange/blue APJ toques.  We will be distributing the CCC toques to all club members in January 2017.

Sunday Dec. 11 Jackrabbit session is on

Hello and what a difference a week makes!

We will be skiing this Sunday Dec. 11 at 1:30.  Most of the skiing will be in the Hirose Hills so we can have fun with terrain skiing and gain shelter from the North Wind.  And, it will be COLD!

Other notes:

  • It will be busy as Santa is hosting a brunch in the Qualico Centre so parking may be tight at our usual places.
  •  Bring a mug for hot chocolate so that we can keep our disposables to a minimum.

Thanks and dress up for a cool day,

Coach Ihor



Calling all female skiers, age 7 and older.  The snow is coming and the 2nd annual SNOW SISTERS ski race is January 10, 2017!

I took part in the race last year and it was a very well-run event!  I’d never done a ski race like this before and, although nervous, I found it to be low stress and lots of fun.  Go at your own pace, get cheered on by volunteers, and walk away with a prize.

Registration just opened at midnight and with 80 spots available, only 61 remain!  19 spots filled in a matter of hours, my daughter and I among them.

More info and video from last year here:

REGISTRATION HERE (opens at midnight Sunday)

Here is the contact e-mail for this year’s event:

Thank You,
Your SnowSisters Team

Late Notice! Sorry, Trackattackers: bring skate skis!

Hi Coach Ihor’s group: If you get this message,

Reconnaissance of the park says bring out skis to skate on! The track won’t last long but we can get an hour out of it.  If not prepped for that, still bring your running shoes anyway as there are still adventures to be had!

Jackrabbits: please sit this one out as the learning options are still a bit limited- conditions will be great for next week if we let the teaching area firm up this week.


Coach Ihor