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Fast Rabbit Thursday!

Skiing Thursday Jan 30, meet at the ski rack on snow for 7:00, skate skis please.

I would like to review some video from last week’s race too,

The snow will be really fast!

Coach Ihor

Wednesday Night Race!

Cleaning up registration for tomorrow’s race


There is a huge mass of APJ skiers for tomorrow night! Super: anyone else: to sign up go to and look for Wednesday Night Race Series ( the link at CCSAM is a bit messed up right now), I will be there making sure that you have your number and find the start line,

Will be a great time skiing!

Coach Ihor

Fast Rabbit Thursdays on at Windsor, plus…

Fast Rabbit Thursday on at Windsor Nordic, on snow for 7:00: skate skis please!  We will be building on uphill work but with some training efforts this time.

Saturday race at Falcon, free technique, entries in by Thursday 9:00, please see attached link-   Falcon Combined race  or cut and paste, Saturday is a free technique race and Sunday is Biathlon which some are racing in. Coaching is going out for Saturday for sure.

Sunday regular Jackrabbit day from the duck pond, be prepared for a ski adventure day: get ready to do some bush whacking river skiing! (parents included, bring cameras), The terrain is accessible to all members! And the weather will be awesome!


Jackrabbits Sunday Jan. 19 is on!

Snow! And lots of it!

We’re in the park, same usual place,  at 1:30 and if you have small shovels at home, bring those along as we may have to build some bumps & jumps!

Fast rabbits plan on classic skis, as the skate track will be soft and slow,

Coach Ihor


Fast Rabbit Thursday will be a short run and cleaning up classic skis at the Duck Pond

Hello Fast Rabbits,

As tomorrow Thursday will be stupid cold, I propose a short 30 run/speedy jog from the Duck Pond Shelter (NOT Windsor) and then an inspection and cleaning of your classic skis. I can bring the supplies.

7:00 at the Duck Pond Shelter, dressed for a brief outing on foot, and then classic ski tune up.

See you Thursday,

Coach Ihor

Great day today, someone’s missing ski poles!


What a great day of sliding and herding pigs and ducks (and a few parents!).

I have a pair of really nice Komperdell poles that got left behind, let me know if you’re missing them and we’ll get them back into your ski bag.


Coach Ihor

Warmer Sunday weather means skiing!

Hi everyone,

We’ll be skiing Sunday 1:30 as scheduled in the park, should be a lot warmer than today!

We’ll see you by the Duck Pond!

Coach Ihor



Super Skiing! Fast Rabbit Thursday debrief

Really good snow at Windsor this evening, maybe a bit draggy due to temperature and humidity, but no rocks. It was great!

Skate technique work included keeping the skis moving, so that they wouldn’t stall out, shoulder blades pulled in to keep the shoulders strong and keep those strong shoulders pulling evenly on the ski poles.  Step up, WAY UP, the hill to just get up that hill, and keep the ski forward.

Great skiing everyone! (Those older than 20 included)

Coach Ihor


I forgot!! How to wax skis with Ulla Wax after Thursday Ski

AND! if you come out for Fast Rabbit Thursday, and survive until 8:00 pm, you can stick around and learn how to prep your skis with knowledge from former APJ Coach, Jeff! I’m sticking around for this.  This is the Ulla wax system, which won’t poison your house with bad vapours. My basement environmental conditions are no longer toxic.

Come on out!

Fast Rabbit Thursday!

Hi Skiers: the first real Fast Rabbit Thursday is on for Jan. 9! Please meet at the Windsor Park ski racks ready to go for 7:00.  As some are going to Biathlon races this Saturday, plan on skate skis.  This will be an instructional session, so not huge volume but huge technique work: I’m looking forward to it!  Parents are welcome to ski as well- a good way to sneak in a lesson from the coaches and skiers.

Also there is a Biathlon race at Falcon Saturday & Manitoba cup race at Birch Saturday, so take your pick.  Let me know if you need a hand with registration.

Sunday: we are in Assiniboine Park, with hopefully enough snow to make some jumps.

Windsor has a small trail fee and passes can be purchased there or online:

It will be great to be on a thick layer of snow for a change!