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Let’s ski!!! Finally!!!

Jackrabbits this Sunday! 1:30 pm at the “ditch” by the sidewalk near the duck pond.  Look for a lot of kids on skis! Parking is best along the road before the foot bridge.

As this is the first real session of the season, please don’t expect a lot of skills training: the coaches will be figuring out who is who and what skill levels we now have.

Bring a durable mug or cup for hot chocolate at the end, (usually by 2:40 pm)

If you are an adult, please feel free to bring skis for yourselves!

Also, the orders for team jackets will be closing soon, if you need a fresh APJ jacket, go to the Marketplace link at the top of the APJ homepage.

Thanks for your patience,

Coach Ihor

Hold off one more week!

Hi Jack Rabbit managers,

No skiing Sunday:

Tracks Attackers and those interested in a hard workout: back to Bison Butte as per last week.

Looking at the snow this morning with rain in the forecast it has been determined to hold off setting loose 40 skiers on a skim of wet white mud, sorry!

Weather forecast is looking good for next though! Dig out the equipment, make sure things fit and find that hot chocolate mug,

Coach Ihor

Snow washed away! Running at Bison Butte instead!

Hi Track Attackers and others in need of some fitness training: back to on-foot training, meet 1:30 at the Cabela’s parking lot, on the east side of the store (left side looking at the front doors). Cabela’s on Sterling Lyon Parkway.

Bring clean shoes for the ride home! (Sorry parents who trying to keep things clean). Also bring classic length poles for running the hill, water bottle wouldn’t hurt either.

Coach Ihor

Track Attackers: it’s skiable

Hi all:

The park is skiable, best for classic: skate skiing will be chewed up quickly.  How about 1:30 at the Duck Pond for classic training? I’ve got the grip wax,

The eagles were out flying today!

Coach Ihor

Track attackers run!

Who’s up for a good run around Fort Whyte Sunday?

Meet 1:30 at the east side parking lot of Cabela’s, run from there up the Butte and through the woods and back,

Water bottle would be a good idea, ski poles not needed

see you there!

Coach Ihor

Chain Saw Safety!!!

Hey everyone, I know that some are still clearing their own properties from the last storm, but now the attention is on ski trails and some serious clearing. Please please please remember the hazards that are around you and this goes beyond rolling your ankle. I am certain that a chain saw will be around you so please respect these incredibly dangerous tools. I had one on the Alpine frequently at Panorama and boy that was interesting. I also had the advantage of having real loggers skiing by who were more than willing to instruct me on how not to kill myself after they finished shaking their heads. Attached are some good reference docs from BC and Manitoba on hazards assessment and the real fun is the chain saw video from WorkSafe BC. Please look at these with your club and yourselves before swinging axes willy nilly.


Chain saw mb

It’s not just the saw that will hurt you: the tree limbs releasing energy after the cut will get you next and probably more frequently than the saw. A pile of dead-fall is a game of mouse trap and pick up sticks put together. A released limb can throw around several tons of energy, so keep others out of the line of fire.

Good luck over the next few weekends mopping up!