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Skiing will be great on Grey Cup Sunday!

Hi everybody!

Skiing will be better than last week as the snow has had a chance to dry out a bit.

Track Attackers: plan on doing some fast skate skiing!

Coach Ihor will be handing out grip wax at the start for those that need it.

Coach Rob is needing some assistance in laying out trail markers around the fields tomorrow, so if there are any parents on skis available, that would be a big help.

Thanks and we’ll see you near the Duck Pond like last week, with those hot chocolate mugs!

Coach Ihor





new photos, website page updates, and clothing orders…

A few things to note:

  1. New photos have been posted under the main heading “Photos”.
  2. There is now an updated category entitled, LINKS.  It contains any links which pertain to skiing in Manitoba (news articles, other ski websites, etc.)  Check it throughout the year as new links do get added from time to time.
  3. Just a little “teach” about the website itself:  Each and every menu heading is “live”.  Someone mentioned to me that they had trouble finding the APJ clothing ordering section.  If you hover over Marketplace and click it you will find the APJ clothing – even though, when you hover, a drop-down-menu for APJ’s Buy & Sell section immediately appears to distract you!  The same goes for Schedule, About and Photos.  Every menu heading contains information, in addition to the links below or beside them.
  4. Finally, we have a new deadline for ordering APJ ski clothing.  Podiumwear‘s website should be up and running properly now.  You can order until Thursday November 26 at midnight.  If you need the password, email me.

First Ski of the Season!

Coach Ihor has checked out the park and here is the message from him:

Hi everyone:   We will be giving skiing a try this Sunday, November 22!  So pack your skis and a mug for hot chocolate.  

Meet at the Duck Pond on Sunday November 22 at 1:30 p.m. for a great time on skis.

On a safety note, Parents, make sure that everyone stays off the duck pond.  It looks frozen but I wouldn’t even try testing it!  And there are no warning signs posted either!

It should be a great day with a temperature around zero!

Coach Ihor

Just a secondary note regarding the PodiumWear website… if you were attempting to order any APJ clothing this past week and had some difficulties, you were not alone!  Their website went down and they are fixing it.

Therefore, the deadline for ordering APJ clothing will now be further extended.  Coach Katherine will inform us all when she gets word from PodiumWear re: a new deadline.

I hope everyone who checked out the Windsor Park Nordic Centre’s SWAP SHOP survived the craziness there today!  I heard it was a bit wild!

See you Sunday.


Clothing Orders due this Week

The storefront closing date has been changed from November 15, 2015 to November 20, 2015 at midnight CST.  

If you are interested in ordering any APJ clothing, you have only 4 days remaining to do so.  Visit the Marketplace link on the APJ website and follow the directions located there.  If you have any questions, please direct them to either Coach Ihor or me (Gina).

The new estimated ship-by date is Thursday, December 17, 2015.

SKI GEAR – important info from Coach Ihor

A few important notes:

  1. Some additional information on Ski Gear has been added to that section of our website.  Please read through it in its entirety.  It is crucial info for having a happy ski season with your family.
  2. There are no longer any water bottles/waist holders available through APJ.  That information has now been deleted from Marketplace.  Apologies for that oversight.

The weather has been incredible this Autumn.  I think we all really enjoyed our time together outside as families yesterday!  Here are a few photos from the end of Sunday’s session, sent in by one of the parents.  Thanks, Leslie.





Please take a really good look around at the pages of our website as A LOT of new content has been added this week…

  • a bunch of new photo pages are now posted in Media/Photos (some pages from last season; a page from last Sunday’s session)
  • new info in Marketplace
  • ads in the Buy & Sell
  • new Coaches pictures posted
  • a new page under the “About” menu link entitled, “Ski Gear” (more info from Coach Ihor will be added to that link soon)

And continue to check the Calendar as new events do get added to it now and then.  For example, the annual “Swap Shop” is coming up on November 21 at Windsor Park Nordic Centre.  You might get your ski gear there if you haven’t found some already.