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Well that’s it for this year!

Hi everyone,

With the very interesting weather over the last 2 weeks, the park’s snow conditions are like skiing the dark side of Neptune.  That means that is the end of the season.  Even Windsor Park has had it.

Thank you to all of the skiers and their families who supported their efforts and accomplishments this season.  We actually pulled off a fair bit of skiing, judging by the wagon wheel and hot chocolate consumption. And, an enormous thanks to the coaches, Katherine, Yan, and Jeff for teaching so many new skiers.  Gina did a super job in running the  website and getting pictures up and thanks to Peter Sim for all of the video footage and editing.

We would like to have a real windup in the near future, as in April, so stay tuned for that announcement: we would like to have a fun and dry location for that one!

Thanks for a super season1

Coach Ihor


VOTE for your favourite toque design!

Did your son/daughter (ages 5-9) participate in the 2018 Jackrabbit Toque Design contest?  Whether they did or did not or became one of the finalists chosen on the facebook page, you can still help make a decision:  VOTE for your favourite design!

The design with the majority of “likes” will be the one chosen for the 2017-2018 CCC ski toques distributed by clubs all across Canada each year.

  1. Be part of a CCC ski club (If you’re reading this, you’re most likely already registered with APJ – all good.)
  2. Be-friend Cross Country Canada’s facebook page
  3. Vote for one of the 6 designs you’d like to see on the CCC toque for the 2017-2018 ski season
  4. Voting process takes place until March 12 (noon)
  5. Remember that you need to be part of a CCC Club AND ‘Like’ CCC on Facebook for your vote to count!

*Here’s the link to the facebook photo album with the 6 toque design choices:

Thursday night at Windsor is on and Sunday skiing at Falcon Lake

Thursday night at Windsor is on as usual, 6:30 pm.  Skate technique: the classic tracks are a bit inconsistent.

APJ Spring Skiing Expedition:
Sunday! March 5!  Not at Assiniboine Park!

Sunday’s session will be at Falcon Trails Resort at the end of the south shore road of Falcon Lake: there will be warm snow and and great terrain!  Google Falcon Trails for a map and great resort stories or

Please set up to arrive  for skiing at 11:00 am.  APJ big group ski will launch then.

There is a very satisfying cafeteria there, or bring a lunch, and a guitar or mandolin as this type of behaviour is promoted. After lunch, strap on a helmet and have an absolute scream on a “not a lot of parental supervision required” inner tube slide, or keep skiing!  Many families stay to the bitter end, and all ages seem to have a great time.

It’s a provincial park so remember to bring your park pass for the mini van.

Driving time from Assiniboine Park is 1:45, leaving by 8:30 will give you plenty of time to unload the van once you get there .

See you there,

Coach Ihor