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Acceptable Conditions!

We have two weekends worth of skiing to complete Sunday. For the sake of consistent tracks, let’s all meet, all welcome to participate, at Windsor Park Nordic Centre, 1:30 Sunday Feb 27, skate skis (remember those?), looking for big glide and snappy leg extensions!

Coach Ihor

Blizzard warnings still on: Stay safe and help shovel the neighbourhood!


It would be irresponsible to say we will try to show up at a given time Sunday, and there will be a wind!

Planned skiing is off, but if you are an adventurous type, put on touring skis and see what’s going on near your home! Or, shovel snow! Or go to CBC Gem and watch some good ski racing: Canada’s 5th place in men’s team sprint is a suggestion and it’s also a good ski lesson. Jens Burman (Sweden) youtube vlog on his athletes village experience is pretty neat too, click on or cut and paste the link below:

We’ll catch up next week,

Coach Ihor

Sunday ski will be cold, and postponed!

Hi all of you sturdy skiers:

Sunday will be cold, high of -20 before wind, so we will not organize a ski for tomorrow. A good day to do pushups and stretch while watching ski racing on CBC Gem: they have it all, and Becky is doing commentary. You can see the snow conditions change over the course of two events. Crazy weather.

Stay warm and this block of weather is almost done!


Sunday 1:30 Classic Skis At Wildewood

All are welcome to ski Wildewood! As next weekend is Manitoba championships (in Kenora), some are going, and the first day is classic, we will need to fine-tune one step double pole and fast herringbone, for some this will not be an easy ski: it will require determination! Meet at the usual community club place and we will spend the first half on the SJR river field and steep hills. Mitts are recommended (high of -20-18). I’m wearing mitts.

AND bring a mug for high glucose tea, and cookies.

Coach Ihor

Thursday night ski canceled

With the cold air, I am cancelling tonight’s ski,

Stretch hip flexors and shoulders instead!
Will see everyone for skiing this Sunday, details to follow,