APJ Track Attack Strength (more, I know!)

Hi APJ Track Attackers, and any one else who wants to do this program.

Why more strength: strong arms will make for happier skiing!  Here’s a bit of history: my old coach Jack Sasseville (the Olympic TV guy) used to hand out an award at the end of the season called the Chicken Wings Award, to the skier that double poled the least. It was a joke award but no one wanted to win it.  Following these exercises will keep you from being a candidate for Chicken Wings 2015!

Here are 8 exercises to do 3 times a week if there is poor skiing and 2 times if there is skiing.  You will need:

  • a wobble board (check a previous post)
  • a swiss ball (good for everyone at home)
  • and a figure 8 descender, inexpensive quick draw and 3 m of 1/4” rope (not yellow nylon but a woven rope).

figure 8 descenderquick drawIMGP2022

The arm pulley set up should cost about $30-35. This will be the arm exerciser as used in our dryland sessions from the tree. The figure 8 and quickdraw can be found at MEC or Wilderness Supply. Congratulations: you now have some climbing gear! you will need the quick draw because the “8” will twist & move as you pull and get very hot from the rope friction.

What to do with it:
Thread the rope through the 8 as in the photo and tie loops into the ends to mimic pole straps. Pull on it just as you would ski poles. Your triceps (back of the arms) should get tired. Added bonus points if you pull with your ab muscles on the down stroke.

Typically 45 seconds on 15 off per exercise, start at 2 times the circuit and you should be able to 3 x in 2 weeks. You will make the pushing and pulling as hard as you can for the 45 seconds.

You can print off the 2 pages APJ strength 8 exercises pdf  pin it to the wall where you’re working out, or I can send you the powerpoint slide show to play on your computer or iPad, as it is set up to change slides very 45 seconds with 15 seconds in between to get to the next exercise (c’est trez cool, non?)

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