Team APJ Wants You! Candy Cane Classic Relay Race (This Wednesday)!

Like to classic ski? With a candy cane? Wearing “seasonal” attire? On a team?

If you answered “yes”, then the Assiniboine Park Jackrabbits would “reindeerly” love for your child (and/or you) to join us this upcoming Wednesday, 18 December 2013, at 19:30, at the Windsor Park Nordic Centre, to be part of one (or more!) Team APJ squads “racing” in the “Candy Cane Classic – Wednesday Night Race #3”.

Here are some important points regarding this event as posted at

  • We hope to see you … for our Candy Cane Classic. It promises to be lots of fun. We will provide hot chocolate, candy canes and LED lights for all to wear during the race.
  • The big kids will be skiing 3 x 1.2 km and the smaller kids will be skiing 3 x 800m.
  • Come dressed in seasonal attire and we will subtract 15 seconds from your team time. If the entire team has dressed for the occasion we will deduct an additional 15 seconds for team spirit. Yup, that’s right, up to one minute off if all members are dressed in seasonal attire… Santa hat, reindeer antlers, Christmas tree, snowman, etc.
  • The hand off baton will be a candy cane. If your candy cane travels the entire course without breaking, we will subtract an additional 60 seconds from your time.
  • Teams will be posted by Tuesday night so an early registration is greatly appreciated. Please tell others about registering earlier.

Additional points:

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