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“Sunday Session (7)″, 4 January 2015 [Cancelled!]

Hello Jackrabbit Managers!

Yippee!  We (finally) have snow!

Bleech!  It’s too cold to ski (without significant concern of your children suffering frostbite)!

As such, tomorrow’s “Sunday Session (7)″, for 4 January 2015, in Assiniboine Park, is now cancelled.

The latest weather forecast is predicting a -28 degree Celsius air temperature, and 20 kmh winds from the west, for a -38 degree windchill, at the start of our skiing session (https://spotwx.com/products/grib_index.php?model=meteocode&zone=r1.15&tz=-6&title=FPWG11&lat=49.89975&lon=-97.13749).

This is colder than our published -27 degree windchill outdoor activity cutoff (https://assiniboineparkjackrabbits.wordpress.com/about/is-it-too-cold).

However, if the Environment Canada weather forecast published at 11:00 on Sunday were to radically change for the better (possible but not likely), I will send out another notification that the session is back on again.

And, no, we still awaiting receipt of the paperwork to allow us to do indoor sessions as previously posted (https://assiniboineparkjackrabbits.wordpress.com/2014/11/30/a-limited-future-for-cancellations/).

The Last Three Weeks in Skiing (15 December 2014 – 3 January 2015)

Hello Jackrabbit Managers!

The last three weeks have been bad for skiing, even for our keen-to-try-racing Track Attack skiers.

As I surmised in my last post (2014-12-15), “Wednesday Night Race #4″ was cancelled, as Windsor Park Nordic Centre was closed down due to lack of snow (see http://www.ccsam.ca/trails-closed-now).

Also, today’s “Provincial Sprint Championships (Manitoba Cup)” was at first to be moved from Morden’s also suffering from lack-of-snow Minnewasta Golf and Country Club (http://www.ccsam.ca/provincial-sprints-relocated-mount-evergreen-kenora) to Kenora’s Mount Evergreen, but was then outright postponed to some other month (http://www.ccsam.ca/sprints-cancelled-tomorrow).