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Register Now for Jackrabbit Jamboree!

Hello Jackrabbit Managers,

Registration is now open to the first 100 kids (or 2015-02-25, whichever comes first) for the Jackrabbit Jamboree.

See details of this once-a-year Red River Nordic Ski and Biathlon Club event at the Cross Country Ski Association of Manitoba (CCSAM) website (http://www.ccsam.ca/jackrabbit-jamboree-registration-now-open-2/). Then register at Zone4 (https://zone4.ca/reg.asp?id=8492).  Cost is $12 per kid.

At this moment, 11 kids (from various clubs) of the 100 kid maximum limit have been registered.  It is our hope that all 53 Assiniboine Park Jackrabbit kids will be registered for this event.

The reason for that hope, is that unlike previous years, this winter’s Jackrabbit Jamboree will now (due to recent rescheduling) be held on a Sunday (not Saturday!).  Yeah!  That means that many or most of our club members should be able to attend at least part of it.

The Jackrabbit Jamboree will be held on Sunday, 1 March 2015, from 09:45 to 15:00. Hot lunch is provided. No, your child is not obligated to ski the whole day (although it is indeed set up for them to do so). And, yes, your child can arrive late, or leave early, or do both, if they have another Sunday commitment to attend.

No session will be held in Assiniboine Park on Sunday, 1 March 2015, between 13:30 and 15:00.  This is because we will be at the Jackrabbit Jamboree.

“Sunday Session (12)”: Update – More Skate Than Classic

Hello Jackrabbit Managers,

Apologies for the update.

For the older and/or more experienced kids who will be venturing beyond The Hummocks tomorrow, bring their skate skis.  If they don’t have skate skis, bring their classic skis, but in the warmth of your home, simply scrape off the grip wax found in the middle third of their classic skis, and smooth the remaining grip wax down using a ski waxing cork.  The goal is to have slippery skis not slippery-and-grippy skis.

Sorry for the confusion.

Due to the difference between”as planned for” and “as actually implemented”, a few-minutes-old update from Jeff Hampshire has now indicated that all ski trails at Assiniboine Park will indeed be fabulously mechanically groomed for just skate technique for tomorrow’s session.  However, only the The Hummocks will be groomed for both skate and classic technique (where grip wax is an asset not a liability).

“Sunday Session (12)” Sunday, 8 February 2015 Is On

Hello Jackrabbit Managers,

Please thank your skier(s) for inventing and/or performing their own let-it-snow dance(s) this past week!  All efforts combined have appeared to work!

Jeff Hampshire of Nordic X-Ventures has indicated that all ski trails at Assiniboine Park will indeed be fabulously mechanically groomed for both classic and skate techniques for tomorrow’s session.  Body armour will not be required!

And Mother Nature is forecast to give us a -13 degree Celsius air temperature with a -19 windchill at the start of skiing.  As such, the session is indeed on!

Meet at The Hummocks at 13:30 on Sunday, 8 February 2015.

Please bring a reusuable mug for hot chocolate (to reduce avoidable waste).  We won’t turn you away from the hot chocolate if you don’t have one, but if you can bring one, great.