A Start To The Season!

Hi everybody,

It’s been a fabulous summer and fall, many adventures have taken place at the lake, road tripping, wolves at the lake, taking mom on an hour long really wet jet ski ride that was supposed to be only 10 minutes total (who would have known that you’d get more wet sitting on the back if went slowly): it was a great summer!

Back to the present!

Session # 1 is scheduled for Nov. 8 but could we all get together, skiers too, to go over what we are looking forward to this season and a chance to introduce ourselves to new members of the APJ team.  This way the first session on the 8th will be really easy. We will talk about:

  • What’s in your ski closet?
  • Events to look forward to this season
  • Any neat things you would like to do?
  • Some of you are looking at seeing how fast you can go so this means hitting a few races (I can provide a history of international level fast skiing trained in Assiniboine Park).
  • Jackets!
  • If you need a science project: skiing is full of them,
  • And, where do we go from here?!?!?!? Our club is developing into something bigger than I thought it would be (Rats! I guess this is a problem most people want). What are we capable of at present and what do we need to add to make it better?

Head to the Duck Pond shelter this Sunday, 1:30, be prepared to run around a bit (parents included as this is your chance to sneak in a workout), conduct an inventory of your ski bag, try some boots on to see if they still fit, even check jackets and pants in anticipation of handing them down to someone in our group.  This is our chance get ready.

To the Duck Pond!

Coach Ihor

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