APJ session Sunday Nov. 26 at Beaudry Park, 1:30 pm

Hi Everyone,

As mentioned last week we will meet at 1:30 at Beaudry Park  (a provincial park, so you should be able to show a park pass on your vehicle if the wardens are around). This will be an exciting day as we will be running and hiking on the trails AND will be given special training on emergencies, smaller  Jackrabbits included! This will be great. Also, most important, bring a mug for hot chocolate

Getting to Beaudry Park: ( 25 minutes from Assiniboine Park)

Use the Google map link below, or , from Assiniboine Park, just stay on Roblin, go over the Perimeter Highway towards Headingley, stay on the south side of the river taking you though South Headingley, keep going (!) for maybe 5 minutes and you will be on gravel, 5 minutes later (maybe) you will see a sign for a provincial parks works yard (not Beaudry) the sign after that is Beaudry Park: turn NORTH, or right, here.




Coach Ihor


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