Daily Archives: 2017-01-07

Happy New Year! Skiing is on Sunday Jan. 8!

Hi All,

We will be skiing Sunday Jan. 8 at the Duck Pond as before, 1:30 start.  It will be cool so make sure that the wind-stop clothing is on.  Actually, it will be quite pleasant.  Track Attackers: prepare for classic technique work (the snow will be too slow for fast skating).  Bring a mug for hot chocolate too.

Also, the CCSAM schedule has changed! This means that the Jackrabbit Jamboree is on next week Sunday!!!!!  Please go to the CCSAM website for information and registration.  This is THE go-to event for any skier under 11 and it is a scream for even the 5 year olds.

If everyone is on for that and we thus overrun and rule the Jamboree, then we should have a Track Attack session there too, as this would allow us to learn and ski on some different terrain.  Feedback is welcome (i.e. leave a comment)

Looking forward to seeing everybody again, and don’t forget that hot chocolate mug!

Coach Ihor