APJ Gear Sale

Hi Jackrabbits Equipment Managers

As mentioned at last Sunday’s session, there will be a ski sale of  good used skate and classic equipment: skis and boots, some poles,

Saturday, Nov. 11,
1:00 – 3:00
630 Elm Street, in River Heights

The equipment is sized for skiers school grade 3-6, so that means mostly skis in the 140-170 range,  all on Salomon Profil System.  Skate sets (ski and boot) for $200, classic sets for $120.  Cash or check made payable to Cross Country Ski Association of Manitoba.

Any questions please send me an email: assiniboinejackrabbits@live.com

2 responses to “APJ Gear Sale

  1. Chrissy Kelly

    Thanks! I really know very little about skiing – would these be too big for a 5 year old? What size should I be looking for?


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    • HI!,

      Good question,
      I would recommend at the starting stage for the ski to be about the same length as the skiers height , or even shorter, if they are new skiers. Long skis may make things a bit unmanageable. The skis that will be there will start at 135 cm so that may be a pretty big five year old! For equipment ideas, please visit our home page and click on the “About Our Club”, there is a drop down link for “Ski Gear” information on sizing and selection.

      Coach Ihor

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