Session this Sunday, Nov. 19 1:30 pm!

Hello Skiers!

We are a GO for Skiing Sunday 1:30 pm in the park.  The ground is getting colder and the snow is drier so getting grip will not be an issue.
On that note Equipment Managers (parents!): if you could grip wax with 3- 4 layers of either

Rode Super Blue, or Swix Blue Extra 

that would save a lot of time and put more time into the skiing. If you have no wax grip skis, forget about it.  As per usual we will have some with us to touch up.

Track Attackers (Coach Ihor’s group) grip up for classic as well because we are so going to destroy this weight shift and extension thing that we have been working, on with video feedback.

Don’t forget the hot chocolate mug, because the disposable cups are running out!


Coach Ihor

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