APJ has a race team! Who knew?

Hey Assiniboine Park Skiers,

APJ has just placed a significant number of skiers on the Winnipeg Region Ski Team for the upcoming Manitoba Winter Games to be held in Thompson this March!

Selected to the team are:

Don-Han Lau
Hayes McMillan
Patrick McManus
Nastassja Loiselle
Axelle Loiselle
James Barwinsky

This is a very big deal!  Way to go for all of your hard work at having a good time skiing and destroying equipment. This means a lot.  Thompson will never have seen that much orange on a ski trail.

Thank you Ski Parents,

Coach Ihor,

P.S. :  we’ll see what we can do for this Sunday’s activities and skiing, as now that we have a true race team, we should really look at some training (Garth and Marcus? how are the lungs?).





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