Let’s Go Skiing!!!!

Well, maybe a bit early, but to get registered and started, please go to the link below:



The coaches have met several times during the off season, and after sitting down and over long run discussions some bright ideas have come out!  We have quite a few skiers  that want to go to the races, many that want to go skiing without the race (strangely the race skiers are included!) so we will be looking at a lot of variety if the snow conditions allow for it.

Another thing that has come about is BIATHLON (ski and shoot).  This is a big deal and a lot of fun.  Several of our skiers and coaches have picked this up and if you are looking for a different ski experience you should give this a whirl.  Biathlon Manitoba is holding a dryland camp this coming weekend at Falcon (I know that this is short notice) but the Sunday is open for novices (Saturday is for the high performance group).  Go to  this link to register, and you will need to register with Biathlon Manitoba as an associate member to carry on, please go to the previous APJ post for that link or get in touch and we will make it happen,


Otherwise, APJ’s Day 1 is Sunday Nov. 11 at the old Duck Pond! Full season schedule to follow,

Stay Fit!!!!!

Coach Ihor



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