Bison Butte Sunday Nov. 25


Okay we need to be realistic here: the snow is worse now than last week.  I promise that it will come.

In the meantime, Jack and Bunny Rabbits please (I’m sorry to say this) hold off on coming to the park, unless you want to do the following with the Track Attackers (it’s actually a good and very doable adventure hike!).

Track Attackers, as we still need to keep the bodies moving in spite of the lack of skiing, we will meet at the Cabela’s parking lot, Sterling Lyon Parkway, usual time of 1:30 Sunday, to run the Bison Butte.  Some of you have done this already but with a much longer run to it.  If you have classic poles bring them along.  6 minute jog, 12 minute walk to the base, and then some beautiful vistas of the city from “The Summit”.  Winter conditions of -10c and a bit of wind so dress for a regular snow session with running shoes instead of ski boots.  Look for Coach Ihor’s white wagon with ski box at the west side the parking lot.

Lots of Baba Mary’s race tea after, so bring a mug for recovery!

Coach Ihor

cabelas to bison butte

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