Upcoming Ski Training leading to Manitoba Championships

Some of the bigger-lunged skiers have some big scheduled skiing going on for the next few weeks (7-8 hours +, per week): keep in mind that this is for larger skiers.  If you are in the 11-13 year biological clock (not chronological clock) then back off several % !!

If you have a question about biological clock vs. chronological clock with respect to your skier’s age, please ask!!! This  is how we keep skiers happy and uninjured and not deep-fried! This system really works.

Our little club has some extremely experienced athletes, ski parents (the most important) and health scientists, and now they are parents in our group (they are The Sleeper Cell and there are several and friendly!), and if you want to weigh in, please do, as the experiences are important to share. There are success stories, along with train wreck stories unfortunately, but these are lessons learned and I would hate to not have others learn from them.

Family health & fitness is what this is about: even parents & ski van drivers went skiing last Sunday, No?

Coach Ihor

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