Sunday Regular Session cancelled

Sorry Skiers,

I skied the park, and the river this afternoon and it was WINDY windy windy.  Sunday wind will be bigger at between 20-35 kmh along the river so I making the call and cancelling Sunday‘s (Jan. 27) session in Assiniboine Park.

Track attackers, & others who are desparate! Beaudry Park west of Headingly was a success last week despite the big winds.  Coldest place was the parking lot.  Coach Ihor will be there at 1:30 for classic skiing.  Look at 60-90 minutes of skiing, and there is a hut with wood stove 20 minutes from the cars, and another one at the far end- very civilized.  A 4-5 km loop with a hut is good option for mobile families.

Wind proof clothing that can be unzipped a bit to vent, buff or similar to protect the face and lungs, and mitts: race suits not a good idea!  Last weeks classic tracks were excellent!  For a bit of safety we will be doing a head count to make sure no-one gets left behind on the trails.

Thanks and dress accordingly,

Coach Ihor


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