Manitoba Championships, Manitoba Loppet, Cross Country and Biathlon!

Hi, race information below, so keep reading!

We had a great time on the river today, with the second annual “It’s Really Cold, and Marshmallow Roast” day.  AND in case you didn’t know, a bunch of APJ skiers raced in the Manitoba Biathlon Championships, in Falcon Lake, this weekend.  Axelle-Nastassja-Hudson-Hayes-Ailsa-Robert-Jeff-Gina-Katherine: and were successful on the podium! AND the Lau family ski team hammered out the Manitoba Loppet in Pinawa too, APJ was all over the ski calendar today!  Was anyone racing in Davos that we don’t know about?


Several families are heading to the Manitoba Championships next weekend in Kenora.  This is great, as our wee little club will be jamming up the races with a record number of participants!

If you are attending, here is the race notice  And here is the Zone 4 link for registration.  Scrolling through it all will give you race times, distances, registration form link, and locations.  Racers will be responsible for their registration fees. 

APJ race support: APJ will take care of ski prep if you can get your skis there!  Coach Ihor will be dealing with the grip & glide and I’m sure Coach Jeff may have some ideas on the glide.  You won’t need to freak out about the ski prep: we can handle it. Also, coaches will help guide your young racers through it if this is their first “big-deal” event.  It will be fun and a big step forward!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get hold of me, either via email:, or telephone (204) 479-0825.

Thanks, and a monster sized thank you to all the parents and coaches who helped herd skiers this afternoon on the river… I believe that we got everybody home!

Coach Ihor


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