What a season! and lost & found!

HI everyone,

Thank you everyone for surviving, with smiles, a chaotic ski season!

We raced a lot, and some of us are now Manitoba Champions: Hudson McMillan, Hanah Snider, Coach Ihor, Coach Katherine and Coach Jeff too!

A big thank you to our newest coaches: James, Axelle, Nastasja and Wei-An: they really filled in some gaps with smiles and fun and big air jumps in some cases.  They learned well from Blaine and Mhairi!

Parents: thanks for getting the skiers out AND for participating.  We are a “doing it” sport!

Last note lost and found items:

  • Sebastian has someone else’s black Lazle poles 145 cm, as his may have been swapped out at the end of the Shark Attack game. If you have 135 cm poles instead of 145, let me know and we can reunite the owners.
  • Coach Ihor found a black OR (Outdoor Research) headband in his bag.  It would be perfect for running in this weather, so if your wondering where your favourite running headband is, I probably have it- let me know.

Have a great summer everyone!

Coach Ihor

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