Chain Saw Safety!!!

Hey everyone, I know that some are still clearing their own properties from the last storm, but now the attention is on ski trails and some serious clearing. Please please please remember the hazards that are around you and this goes beyond rolling your ankle. I am certain that a chain saw will be around you so please respect these incredibly dangerous tools. I had one on the Alpine frequently at Panorama and boy that was interesting. I also had the advantage of having real loggers skiing by who were more than willing to instruct me on how not to kill myself after they finished shaking their heads. Attached are some good reference docs from BC and Manitoba on hazards assessment and the real fun is the chain saw video from WorkSafe BC. Please look at these with your club and yourselves before swinging axes willy nilly.


Chain saw mb

It’s not just the saw that will hurt you: the tree limbs releasing energy after the cut will get you next and probably more frequently than the saw. A pile of dead-fall is a game of mouse trap and pick up sticks put together. A released limb can throw around several tons of energy, so keep others out of the line of fire.

Good luck over the next few weekends mopping up!


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