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APJ upcoming events!

Hi All,

Everything happens and is rescheduled in February!

Okay, the spin-drift has settled.
to update: Manitoba Champs and Riel Weekend this weekend so
no session Sunday Feb 16.

Sunday Feb. 23 is now the Jack Rabbit Jamboree! So, rabbits go to Windsor Park:
Jack Rabbit Jamboree click here!
There is a small fee of $10, but it is a great show. This will make your skier go to bed early!
This is a major hi-light of the season for rabbits so we encourage all families to attend. Bottom line- no Assiniboine Park session as everyone seems to participate in this event.  All abilities have a great time! APJ coaches are there too,

If you have questions about the event please send me a message.

This Thursday Night Fast Rabbits is still on, Wednesday Night racing cancelled due to cold air.

Way to go: Coach Yan and Don-Han for grinding out the Manitoba Loppet, Coach Katherine, Nastasja and Axelle for shooting out the Manitoba Biathlon Championships,

And remember the 37.25 km everybody skied on Sunday!

Coach Ihor