We will be postponing Jackrabbits programming until the new year pending improvement in current Health Emergency

Hello all skiers,

We’re going to hold off on organized ski training for the time being, to evaluate Jan. 1 of 2021 pending improvement in the Health Emergency.

Sorry everybody, I know everyone has been looking for some instruction and coaching for their skiers, but the current state of affairs is a bit much. I actually made up a hazard assessment matrix, like at work, for our activities and modified activities, and I couldn’t safely show how to pull this off with confidence. Even the national race calendar will probably be cancelled outright.

BUT! that doesn’t mean that you have to stop skiing. Well, some snow would help, but you can still get out and slide. The ski community is still committed to grooming trails and dispensing information and guidance. Look forward to some virtual ski events challenging clubs and individuals.

Please stay on standby as conditions can change and, as with most things right now, we need to be agile and adaptive! Topics will be appearing on this site to give you ideas and motivation. Right now the club won’t be doing an intake for registration but we’ll be acting as an information resource for the time being.

Let’s keep in touch and stay happy and healthy and considerate. Skiable snow isn’t far away!

Coach Ihor

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