APJ will not be hosting sessions for skiers of ages under 12

Hello All,

Due to the persistence of our current pandemic situation, I hate to announce that

  • APJ won’t be hosting sessions for skiers of ages under 12 and
  • all others must be fully vaccinated (proof of 2 vaccination treatments) against COVID 19. 

The request for vaccinations is concurrent with the Cross Country Ski Association of Manitoba (CCSAM) COVID-19 Vaccination Policy of November 10, 2021.  This Policy is intended to encourage, support and maximize Covid-19 vaccination rates and protect the health of all participants at CCSAM events this season. 

From <https://www.ccsam.ca/covid-19-vaccination-policy-event-attendance-participation/>

As such, APJ will be hosting Track Attack level ski training only and, sadly, has decided to not host Jackrabbit or Bunnyrabbit level sessions for the foreseeable future.  This decision was made to ensure that coaches and skiers remain healthy and do not pass on unwelcome illness to their own families and fellow students and coworkers. 

If the COVID-19 Situation improves in the new year, APJ will reassess and communicate out at that time,

Thank you for your understanding,

Ihor Barwinsky

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