Assiniboine Park Jackrabbits: Register Now for Jackrabbit Jamboree! (Sent 2014-02-08)

Hello Jackrabbit Managers,

Registration is now open to the first 100 kids (or 2014-02-12, whichever comes first) for the Jackrabbit Jamboree.

See details of this once a year Red River Nordic Ski and Biathlon Club event at the Cross Country Ski Association of Manitoba (CCSAM) website ( Then register at Zone4 ( At this moment, 36 kids of the 100 kid limit have been registered.

Please note that the Jackrabbit Jamboree will be held on Saturday (not Sunday!), 15 February 2014, from 09:45 to 15:00. Hot lunch is provided. No, your child is not obligated to ski the whole day (although it is indeed set up for them to do so). And, yes, your child can arrive late, or leave early, if they have another Saturday morning commitment to attend.

Also, please note that there is no Assiniboine Park Jackrabbits session scheduled for the next day, Sunday, 16 February 2014, as it has been formally designated as “Recuperation Day” ( That is because our skiers really enjoy the Jackrabbit Jamboree and tend to be “too pooped” to do much the following day.


Coach Rob

(on behalf of Coaches Ihor, Katherine, and Jeff)

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