Daily Archives: 2014-11-09

“First Formal Session! (1)” Sunday, 9 November 2014 [Cancelled!]

Hello Jackrabbit Managers,

Today’s session (Sunday, 9 November 2014), known as “First Formal Session! (1)” on our schedule, has now been cancelled!

Sorry for the short notice.

It was the intent of the coaches to hold a session today if the weather conditions were similar to the previous three dryland conditions.

However, this will not be the  case today.  Air temperature is currently forecast to be -6 degrees Celsius with a -13 degree windchill with winds gusting up to 40 kmh from the northwest.  Plus snow.  See http://spotwx.com/products/grib_index.php?model=meteocode&zone=r1.15&tz=-6&title=FPWG11&lat=49.89975&lon=-97.13749 for details.

Oh, also frozen and wet goose poop.

We will try again next Sunday.