A super Fast Rabbits Thursday! Plus a new sport drink for us!

Thanks to everyone who came out. I had an absolute hoot of a good time!

Parents: if you get this before your skiers do, please show it to them!

So, what we learned from this evening’s ski was:

  1. Push with all of the legs- this means scrunching down low to get a huge leg push
  2. Go wide with the feet (and hands) on that really steep uphill after the loony downhill at the double black diamond bit
  3. Let go of the pole at the end of the end of the arm swing: we have these great pole straps that let you let go of the pole, so let’s use that technology to our advantage!

The “new” sport drink:

Okay, it’s actually not that new.  My mom used to make this very super charged tea for cold nights when we had to bang out longer skis in Assiniboine Park after school.  This was what we did:

  • steel-lined thermos (so it wouldn’t break)
  • Mom then made a huge pot of tea
  • Mom added two really large spoons of honey
  • Then Mom squished in a lemon or  blueberry jam

This Thermos would sit in the snow trackside and we would have a drink every 2 laps (about 20 minutes).  This would keep us going for a couple of hours.  very low tech but it worked.  It’s all about the sugar, and it was warm, which really helped cold hands.

Don-Han and Josh approve  and are endorsing this drink.

See you Sunday in the park,

ALL HAIL, HUDSON! for breaking a pole,

and  Welcome Clara! Newest skier in the group!

Coach Ihor

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